Friday, January 31, 2020

Help Wanted

We are currently in need of people for the following:

Election workers in Phelps.

County Chair

Volunteer Deputy Registrar

Volunteers to work in the office

If you are interested in any of these please contact HQ via the contact form on the website, or by contacting HQ in person or by phone.


The Primaries for Texas are on 03/03/2020 in order to vote in the Primaries you must be registered to vote by 02/03/2020. To get registered contact an officer, or pick up a form from HQ!

02/10/2020 General Meeting Speaker

General Meeting

At our General Meeting on February 10, 2020 we will have a guest speaker! Here is our guest speakers information:

Martin Malandro
 Martin is a professor of mathematics at SHSU, will be speaking on ranked choice voting, a method recently adopted by NYC and Maine. He will discuss what it is, why it is a poor system, and what voting systems we can use instead to make better group decisions.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

New 2020 Election Tab

The New 2020 Election Tab is now up on the website. I am still working on adding content to all the associated pages, I plan on having this fully completed in the next week or so, let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Become a registrar

Resolution To Amend Bylaws

Walker County Democrat Club
1210 University Ave
Huntsville, Texas

Resolution 09-23

Whereas: The Walker County Democrat Club was organized to promote interest in governmental affairs and the principles of the Democratic Party.

Whereas: over the past 20 plus years this means of communicating to its members has evolved into internet and social media outlets, and requires that the Walker County Democrat Club establish a new permanent Officer for the Club.

Be it Resolved: that the addition of the position of Systems Administrator to Article VI Section 4 of its bylaws, be added. (See Bylaws proposer attached).

Be it Resolved: that this position is to maintain all of the club’s Web Page, Social Media Outlets and all IT Services.

Be it Further Resolved: that this position of Systems Administrator be by appointment of the Club President with the approval of the Executive Committee and this new Officer serve as ex officio member of the Executive Committee.



          Section 1.  The officers of the club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and such other officers as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Committee. 
          Section 2. The duties of the five officers named above shall be as follows:
          PRESIDENT:  The presiding officer of the club.  Calls and conducts all meetings, appoints committee chairs, acts as liaison with the County Chair and State and National Democratic Parties and keeps informed of political events and schedules.  Makes recommendations for expenditure of club funds for approval by the Executive Committee or the membership.  Directs the Treasurer to make approved expenditures.
          VICE-PRESIDENT:  In the absence of the President, carries out the duties of the President.  Keeps informed by working closely with the President.
          CORRESPONDING SECRETARY:  Keeps the club membership regularly informed about club meetings and activities.  Maintains contact information for other Democrats and other persons favorably disposed to the Democratic Party.  Assists in publicizing club meetings and activities.
          RECORDING SECRETARY:  Maintains complete and accurate records of the club’s activities, including the minutes of each meeting.
          TREASURER:  Administers all funds and maintains complete financial records of the club.  Collects all dues and other funds.  Maintains an up-to-date roster of club membership based on payment of current year’s dues.  Reports the status of finances at each meetings.  Keeps the President advised on all approved financial transactions.  Files appropriate reports with the Texas Ethics Commission.
          Section 3.  ELECTION:  The officers shall be elected annually at the April meeting by a majority vote of the members present and voting, and shall hold office until the election of their successors.  A nominating committee, appointed by the club president or executive committee, shall submit a slate of officers to the membership.  Additional candidates who are members in good standing may be nominated from the floor.  Voting for the candidates can be either oral or by ballot.
Section 4. SYSTEMS ADMINSTRATOR: In addition to the elected officers named above, a System Administrator who will maintain all of the club’s Web Page, Social Media Outlets and all IT Services, to be selected by appointment of the Club President with the approval of the Executive Committee. This Officer will serve as ex officio member of the Executive Committee.

Petition to get Laura Jones on the Ballot against Kevin Brady

There is a petition available in the WCDC HQ to help get Laura Jones on the Ballot against Kevin Brady, 500 signatures are needed to put her on the ballot.

The petition is available to sign in the Office, if you are unable to make it into the office please email us your mailing address, and we will mail you the petition to sign, and a return envelope to send it back to us.