Friday, January 31, 2020

Help Wanted

We are currently in need of people for the following:

Election workers in Phelps.

County Chair

Volunteer Deputy Registrar

Volunteers to work in the office

If you are interested in any of these please contact HQ via the contact form on the website, or by contacting HQ in person or by phone.


The Primaries for Texas are on 03/03/2020 in order to vote in the Primaries you must be registered to vote by 02/03/2020. To get registered contact an officer, or pick up a form from HQ!

02/10/2020 General Meeting Speaker

General Meeting

At our General Meeting on February 10, 2020 we will have a guest speaker! Here is our guest speakers information:

Martin Malandro
 Martin is a professor of mathematics at SHSU, will be speaking on ranked choice voting, a method recently adopted by NYC and Maine. He will discuss what it is, why it is a poor system, and what voting systems we can use instead to make better group decisions.


WCDC Dues are Due It is time to pay yearly membership dues for the Walker County Democrat Club as our Fiscal Year begins in April.   M...