Friday, April 12, 2019

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Monday, April 1, 2019

Officer Election Information

The Walker County Democrat Club (WCDC) will elect officers at our April Meeting by a majority vote of the members present and voting. Our nominating committee, Jennifer Graves, Nick Ransford and Steve Covington will submit a slate of officers to the membership at the April meeting. Additional candidates who are members in good standing may be nominated from the floor.
Members of the WCDC may nominate candidates or themselves by notifying Steve Covington via phone call or text at 936-581-0173. Please discuss with the nominee prior to nomination. If you are currently an officer of the WCDC and wish to be considered for re-election, please notify Steve Covington.
The officers of the club consist of the following:
PRESIDENT: The presiding officer of the club. Calls and conducts all meetings, appoints committee chairs, acts as liaison with the County Chair and State and National Democratic Parties and keeps informed of political events and schedules. Makes recommendations for expenditure of club funds for approval by the Executive Committee or the membership. Directs the Treasurer to make approved expenditures.
VICE-PRESIDENT: In the absence of the President, carries out the duties of the President. Keeps informed by working closely with the President.
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY: Keeps the club membership regularly informed about club meetings and activities. Maintains contact information for other Democrats and other persons favorably disposed to the Democratic Party. Assists in publicizing club meetings and activities.
RECORDING SECRETARY: Maintains complete and accurate records of the club’s activities, including the minutes of each meeting.
TREASURER: Administers all funds and maintains complete financial records of the club. Collects all dues and other funds. Maintains an up-to-date roster of club membership based on payment of current year’s dues. Reports the status of finances at each meeting. Keeps the President advised on all approved financial transactions. Files appropriate reports with the Texas Ethics Commission.
If you have any questions, please contact Steve Covington.


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